Advanced Scrum Product Owner

Widen and deepen your Product Owner's toolset. Learn to work with the backlog, and to solve difficult problems with customers, stakeholders and teams.

The Product Owner has great power and responsibility:

  • How to choose the best thing to do? Where do I get that wisdom?
  • How to make the teams excel? They deliver the value.

This training both widens and deepens the toolset of the product owner, who transforms the market opportunities to the fast delivery.

To Whom

Product Owners, product managers, program managers and their close colleagues.

Maximum 12 participants.

Content themes

  • The big context: Market validation, product design, development and deployment.
  • The practical role of the Product Owner
  • Acceptance Test Driven Development
  • Building product ownership among the stakeholders
  • Product design techniques
  • Portfolio management is more than portfolio coordination
  • Work coordination. Refining, splitting and slicing the backlog.
  • Distributed large scale development
  • Creating and maintaining the optimal environment for teams
  • Working with traditional process in a large organization
  • Practicing with real concepts and cases


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