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Create great collaboration and performance in any kind of organization, from ideal teams to projects or departments. To see it actually happening is like magic.

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Create a better understanding of your organization than anyone else. Otherwise, someone else will dictate your future.

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Outlearn your competition by collaboration, adaptability, and optimizing for the end result.

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Forget Katzenbach's Team Performance Curve

9.9.2023 — Time to retire this dangerously misleading picture! It incorrectly presents teamwork as an optional luxury, hopefully achieved after a slump in performance.

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Forming, Storming, Dreaming, Performing

14.8.2023 — Tuckman's orming is an interesting theory but not useful for practical coaching. Knowing how and why things really happen gives tools for concrete interventions.

Teamwork Wisdom Leadership dreaming-thinking-doing

Design an Adaptive Team-based Organization

27.4.2023 — Matrix organization has well-known problems. Combining Back-Front and Modular organization designs gives you options for creating adaptive organization, productive teamwork, and market focus.

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Leading creative teams

23.1.2023 — The consequential goal is an absolutely necessary condition for teamwork: We did something, does it work, is it useful. This creates special expectations towards the leadership in creative work like theatrical performance or visual design.

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Dreaming is essential, Thinking is difficult, Doing is tedious

21.10.2022 — Dreaming-thinking-doing is the natural process of doing anything, in small and large scale.

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Teamwork and rewarding

5.10.2022 — We had an intensive Meetup about Teamwork at Flixbus office in Berlin. Here you have the slides and special material about rewarding and intrinsic motivation as discussed.

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Path from Bureaucracy to Teamwork

11.2.2022 — Teamwork is the antidote for bureaucracy. But if you just remove bureaucracy you get chaos. What is missing?

Leadership Teamwork Wisdom

Scaling Agility or Bureaucracy

1.8.2015 — There are two very different strategies in adopting Agile in a large organisation, horizontal or vertical. In other words, you may take one product first with narrow and deep focus. Or you may focus on the vertical coordination layer, which is often perceived as The Scaling Problem.

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Our Network Gateway case study at InfoQ

24.7.2015 — A new network gateway was developed from clean table in half the time. The work started with two teams and in the end there were over 20 distributed teams. LeSS principles were used all the time.

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