Lean startup / Lean Innovation

Validating the assumptions behind your product design gives competitive advantage. Not doing so risks your whole business. The same is true for your organisational design.

Product decisions are difficult. The market, funding and development all contain uncertainties.

  • What is the right thing to do? How can you verify your assumptions?
  • How to do this fast and economically? Faster than you ever dreamed?

Lean Innovation is a practical method for hunting new business. It helps to quickly discard useless ideas, and guides the development of viable ideas with the help of the customers. It has developed in the challenging start-up world. The same method works in corporations while innovating new products and processes. However customer specific systems require different techniques than scalable consumer products.

To Whom

The training is targeted to people who innovate, and who build innovating organizations, for example business owners, business developers, sales people, product owners and designers.

Learning targets

You will learn systematic experimentation: how to get validated learning about the business opportunities. You will understand the principles of business model innovation, customer development and lean startup, and how these principles are linked to the value chain:

  • Gain insight from customers. Measure what is really valuable and avoid non-valuable features.
  • Balance the product vision, customer feedback and business goals to drive the product into right direction.
  • Connect your business model innovation and opportunities to agile/lean product development process.
  • Create organizational setting to support Lean Innovation, by using Lean Innovation.


The training is based on actually using Lean Product Innovation at startup, new product development and continuous improvement contexts for several years.

  • The Lean Innovation and the problem it solves
  • The principles and practices
  • The Business Model Generation
  • From the business model to experiments
  • Forming the Minimum Viable Product
  • Getting insights from the customers using the Customer Development
  • Following up the progress with the Validation Board
  • How to apply the practices in everyday work life

Comments from participants

“Eye opening, participatory, intensive, concrete”
“I will test this new concept with my customer.”
Course evaluation 5.2/6.


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