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LeSS Meetup in Warsaw

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3.12.2015 — Ran was visiting Poland and gave a short talk about LeSS in Warsaw Agile Meetup 23 Nov. 2015 for over 100 Agile enthusiasts.

LeSS Meetup in Warsaw
Ran Nyman
Ran NymanFounding Partner

In this video Certified LeSS trainer, Ran is talking
about Large-Scale Scrum framework in Warsaw Meetup. The talk is a short
introduction to some basic ideas behind LeSS framework.

The talk focuses mainly on fundamental problems when scaling organization
and how LeSS and feature-teams can be used to descale organizations. At the
end of the speech, there is a short story of the transformation of a
organization from sequential development to LeSS.

Ran Nyman
Founding Partner

Ran is an experienced software professional who has worked since 1995 in professional software development field. Currently, Ran is working as a consultant and trainer in process improvement field helping large multinational organizations to move from sequential product development to more agile ways of working. The primary focus has been on how to move big products (over 100 people) to use Large-Scale Scrum (LeSS) and Lean. This work includes giving wide range of trainings, workshops, team coaching and management consulting.

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