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Scrum Gathering Munich 2016

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19.10.2016 — Actionable Fearless Leadership

Scrum Gathering Munich 2016
Ari Tikka
Ari TikkaFounding Partner

Nokia Mobile Phones fell from 9 billion profit to zero in five years. Learn the hard scary actions Leadership needs to do to avoid Nokia's fate.

Check the full presentation.

Special thanks to Elisabeth Hendrickson @testobsessed for this piece of art about Leadership reality.

Ari Tikka
Founding Partner

Before finding Agile, Ari built software for embedded distributed fault tolerant software for seven years. For the next decade he worked as an organizational therapist with cultural change, teamwork and leadership. Since 2006 he has contributed to LeSS-flavoured Agile transformations including mechanical engineering, market automation, and embedded system development. For the last couple of years Ari had international coaching assignments ranging from teams to board.

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