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Difference between pCLP and CLP

LeSS - Large-Scale Scrum
Difference between pCLP and CLP
Wolfgang Steffens
Wolfgang SteffensPrincipal Consultant

There are two new LeSS courses: provisional Certified LeSS Practitioner (pCLP) and LeSS & Learn. Sorry - pCLP? What is that? I want to highlight the main differences between the Certified LeSS Practitioner and the new pCLP as I see it and as they apply to my classes.

If you cannot travel or you do not want to travel, the pCLP is the right choice for you. The pCLP is an online course and covers the same content like my CLP. Furthermore, the pCLP has the same (or almost same) Learning Objectives. Due to the nature of an online class, the in-person interaction between the course participants during the breaks, as well as after the class are less if any at all.

The group exercises are similarly structured in my pCLP compared to the CLP, so we will do a lot of Systems Thinking, reflection, a LeSS simulation and many more exercises. The participants will need to do a bit more preparation work before and during my pCLP class, so some of the exercises are built on top of that prep-work.

The pCLP is a 5 day online class, consisting of 10 modules each lasting 3 hours. After successful completion, you will get an account at, free access to the three LeSS books, and access to much more resources at I will use the tools which I see most fit to deliver a class with as high quality as possible. Thus I prefer Zoom with video presence, Miro and google docs. In my past online training classes and workshops, these tools worked the best and allowed a lot of interaction between the participants. The number of participants in the pCLP is limited to max 12.

And a few typical questions:

Why is the pCLP called “provisional”? To give a short answer here, because of the missing face-to-face interaction of the participant during the course.

But, I want to have the certification? There are several ways. Most easiest you join one of my in-person CLP courses. If you want a certificate and cannot travel right now, we suggest to take the pCLP now and then you can get the CLP-certification by visiting later on one of my regular CLP courses or LeSS & Learn courses (for which I currently have a special bonus coupon to make this transition easier!).

You will find all my CLP, pCLP and LeSS & Learn classes here:



Wolfgang Steffens
Principal Consultant

Wolfgang is a passionate Lean & Agile Coach, Trainer, Scrum Master, Problem Solver, Project Manager, Knowledge Seeker, Systems Thinker with a high level of energy. He has worked 20 years for Nokia/Nokia Siemens Networks.

He has over six years of practical experience as a Lean and Agile coach in large-scale lean and agile adoptions. He has also been leading the Program Management Development function on business unit level for four years and was a development manager in program management on company level for four years. Wolfgang’s experience covers also working as Program Manager for five years including successful commercial launch of products.
Recently he traveled for over 3 years around the world with his dogs on a motorcycle.
Currently he is working as an Agile Coach and trainer for Gosei where his recent engagements have taken him to Large-Scale Scrum adoptions (LeSS) in a traditional insurance company and digital manufacturing field.

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