Advanced Scrum Master

Starting with Scrum is easy but it will conflict several organisational habits. This course will give you tools to to build teams and tackle difficult situations with your organisation

Scrum is one of the most popular method among the Agile practices. It is elegant, effective and understandable - and hard to actually do.

Is Your team delivering?

  • Do you see real teamwork? Sharing workload and competence?
  • Is your team taking initiative? Learning continuously?
  • How good is your backlog? Is everyone contributing at the planning sessions?

This training deepens the Scrum Masters skills in coaching the team, the product owner and the surrounding organization to fully benefit from Scrum.

To Whom

Scrum Masters, Product Owners and R&D managers.


The training will build on the participants’ experience of Scrum or other Agile teamwork.

2 days, max 12 participants

  • Leading teamwork
  • Deepening Scrum skills
  • Practicing facilitation
  • Applying Kanban and other methods with Scrum
  • Flow from customer needs to delivery
  • Organizational patterns
  • Scaling and distributed teams
  • Time for practical cases and questions


For more information about the course, please email.