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Real change by the people who own their own work

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11.7.2020 — How to, in practice, establish a learning organization.

Real change by the people who own their own work
Ari Tikka
Ari TikkaFounding Partner

Agile has proven to work with teams and small organizations. It has become the mainstream, the desired safe solution for bigger companies. Now the C-level is demanding the change. Agile as a solution, and even more the adoption, is struggling with this new situation.

We prepared this presentation for the XP2020 conference that turned out to be remote. Please watch the video, the script actually explains the slides.

The Final video

Our transformation approach has evolved from over 20 years of experience. We have witnessed a couple of successful transformations, and unfortunately, many more that have fallen short of the promise.

Trailer video

The conference session was Q/A, based on the recorded presentation. Questions were for example:

  • Please elaborate on the cowboy coach. Is a cowboy coach always a bad one?
  • You talk about a competent coach. How do you define that? What are the competencies?
  • How about external coaches?
  • How about an organization of 5 000 people?

And finally a 1 hour 15 min live recording of the presentation with relaxed use of time and intermediate questions by the audience.

Ari Tikka
Founding Partner

Before finding Agile, Ari built software for embedded distributed fault tolerant software for seven years. For the next decade he worked as an organizational therapist with cultural change, teamwork and leadership. Since 2006 he has contributed to LeSS-flavoured Agile transformations including mechanical engineering, market automation, and embedded system development. For the last couple of years Ari had international coaching assignments ranging from teams to board.

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